Lynn Valentz, Co-Owner


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Lynn Valentz, Co-Owner of PHP Systems/Design, has over 20 plus years of experience with rooftop pipe and equipment supports. She is responsible for the management and development of the company’s accounting, marketing, and forward momentum. Lynn is the driving force behind the company’s future endeavors and provides the ideas and guidance that have established PHP as an industry leader.

Having spent a lifetime shadowing her father, who owned and operated a commercial roofing company, Lynn became very well versed with various roofing applications early on, making her role with PHP a perfect fit. When her husband, Art Valentz, founded PHP in 1992 to change the way roofing support systems performed, Lynn was eager to be a part of a company that would solve issues she had experienced first hand.

Lynn foresees PHP expanding its usability and reaching even more customers over the next decade. When she isn’t immersed in accounting and marketing for the company, Lynn enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dog. She loves to read and research new topics, serve her community, participate on planning committees, and partake in photography, gardening and landscape design.