When it comes to school buildings, safety and security are paramount. Depending on the size of the school, ducting, piping, and equipment can place a heavy burden on the building’s roof support structure, and they must be properly installed in order to preserve the roof’s structural integrity and the wellbeing of school occupants.

PHP far surpass the safety and structural demands of educational buildings. We custom design, engineer, and manufacture school roof support systems without rooftop penetrations, flashings, or damage to the roofing system. Using high-density polypropylene bases and hot dipped galvanized adjustable steel supports, the PHP experts eliminate dead weight issues and ensure optimal support.

Take a look at the pictures from our most recent projects involving school roof support structures, and see the PHP difference yourself.

  • Ro
    Bellaire High School
  • Rooftop Support System for school districts
    Bellaire High School
  • School Roof Support Systems
    Clear Lake Elementary
  • School District Roof Support Systems
    Cy Fair ISD
  • School Rooftop Support System for Dean Middle School
    Dean Middle School
  • University Roof Support Systems
    Enbry Riddle University
  • School Rooftop System Design
    Frostwood Elementary
  • Roof Support System for Howsman Elementary
    Howsman Elementary