System Components

Our commercial roof components allow us to be project-oriented and technology enhanced in our support systems design. Any rooftop can be properly retrofitted with a reliable and sustainable rooftop support system that protects the integrity of the roof, equipment, and most importantly the service professionals who work on them.


Bracing is implemented to stabilize pipe support systems and eliminate any degree of tilt once systems reach a particular height, making them essential components for pipe supports that are tall or within seismic or high wind climates. Pipe support systems are customized to meet the exact specifications of the rooftop environment. PHP applies either a straight or “K” Bracing when pipe supports reach or exceed 24″ above the roofs surface optimizing safety and durability.


Hangers are used to suspend and stabilize pipes within a support system. A clevis hanger or band hanger is ideal for adjourning HVAC or other insulated pipes and is coupled with an isolation shield to prevent damage to the pipe’s insulation. Roller hangers are used to suspend pipping, such as gas pipping.