Security and protection are among the top concerns for any government building. Rooftops are a common area of weakness for both priority points. Poorly designed structural supports for rooftop units can cause major roof system damage. Traditional support methods can lead to poor management of excessive dead weight, causing equipment to penetrate the roofing system. This jeopardizes the roofing warranty, creates safety concerns for employees, and will damage equipment.

PHP custom designs, engineers, and manufactures structural supports for rooftop units that solve any rooftop issues. We are the original innovators behind the “zero penetrations” support system, which allows the installation to be performed without penetrations or flashings to the roof. Our products can out last and out perform in any type of extreme weather condition, security threat, or normal wear and tear.

Visit our portfolio to review some of our most recent government roof support system projects and see for yourself how we can help you achieve optimal security and protection with properly installed, “zero penetrations” roof equipment supports.

  • Government Roof Support Systems
    Phoenex VA Hospital
  • Roof Support System for government facilities
    Phoenix VA Hospital
  • Jails and other government rooftop support systems
    San Bruno Jail
  • Roof Support System for Jails and other government buildings
    San Bruno Jail