Hospital rooftops host an assortment of heavy equipment and pipes that are critical to the hospitals ability to administer quality care. Unfortunately, many hospital roof support structures don’t perform as they should. Hospitals wouldn’t use out-of-date tools to care for their patients, so why use out-of-date support systems to care for equipment?

PHP is the pioneer of the “zero penetrations” rooftop support system. We design, engineer, and manufacture support systems to properly distribute weight and protect the integrity of the roof. Additionally, we deliver the greatest level of customization and create every rooftop project to meet all specific needs.

For professional, reliable, code-compliant roof support structures that outlast industry standards, PHP delivers every time. Our project pictures beautifully illustrate how custom designed, hospital roof support systems can out-perform and out-last your existing set-up.

  • Roof Support System for hospitals
    City of Hope Hospital
  • Rooftop Support System for Hospitals
    City of Hope Hospital
  • Hospital Roof Support Systems
    Cleveland Clinic
  • Hospital Rooftop support systems
    Kaiser Hospital
  • Rooftop Support System for Kaiser Hospital
    Kaiser Hospital
  • Kaiser Hospital Roof Support System
    Kaiser Hospital
  • Memorial Hermann Hospital Roof Support System
    Memorial Hermann Hospital
  • Roof Support System for Medical Centers
    Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center