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LEED vs. BREEAM Certifications for Sustainable Roofs & Equipment Supports

Posted by Art Valentz on June 20, 2024

As we become increasingly aware of how human activities affect the environment, more individuals are looking for ways to reduce their ecological footprint. One such way is through sustainable building practices that strive to minimize the adverse effects of human activities.

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Innovative Trends in Pipe Support Systems for Roofing

Posted by Art Valentz on June 5, 2024

The industrial piping industry is on a rapid growth trajectory, with estimates projecting a market value of $225.7 billion by 2032. The forecasted CAGR for the industry stands as 5.4% per annum based on these projections. Despite this expansion, the inherent challenges and destructive forces that pipes face in various industrial settings remain a concern.

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Rooftop Equipment Support for Workforce Resilience & Safety

Posted by Art Valentz on May 23, 2024

Commercial and industrial rooftops face increasing challenges from extreme weather events and environmental factors, putting the integrity of roofs and the equipment on them at risk. To safeguard against these challenges, businesses need resilient roof systems built for longevity, durability, and worker safety.

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Topics: Roof Safety, Rooftop Equipment

Safety First: How PHP Equipment Supports Ensure Secure Rooftop Installations

Posted by Art Valentz on May 8, 2024

Safety is an indispensable facet when navigating rooftops. The intricate labyrinth of pipes, ducts, cables, and equipment spread across the commercial rooftops necessitate stalwart and unwavering support systems.

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Engineering Safety: PHP Systems/Design Pioneering Rooftop Equipment Designs

Posted by Art Valentz on April 18, 2024

PHP Systems/Design, a leader in innovative rooftop equipment design, embodies a commitment to safety and compliance in architectural and building management solutions. Pioneering in "zero penetration" roof support systems, PHP ensures each project upholds the highest standards of safety, aligning with their ethos of “Building It Right.” This discussion explores PHP's role in advancing rooftop equipment design for optimal safety compliance.

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Topics: Roof Safety, Rooftop Equipment

How Roof Pipe Support Systems Enhance Performance and Safety (OSHA-Based Review)

Posted by Art Valentz on April 3, 2024

In the realm of industrial and commercial operations, ensuring optimal performance and safety via roof pipe supports is not just a goal – it's a mandate. The landscape of building regulations is rather critical, and a crucial aspect often overlooked is the design and implementation of effective roof pipe support systems.

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Exploring the Economic Benefits of Engineered Roof Pipe & Equipment Supports

Posted by Art Valentz on March 6, 2024

Maximizing economic benefits is a top priority for property owners and facility managers. Although a number of essential components contribute to this, engineering roof pipe and equipment support solutions stand tall as the most strategic asset. It leads to cost-effectiveness and long-term financial gains.

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roofing Maintenance, Roof Safety, Rooftop Equipment

Why Roof Pipe Supports Are Vital for Commercial Roofing Systems & Property Value?

Posted by Art Valentz on February 7, 2024

In the commercial and industrial world, there's an essential component that often goes unnoticed – roof pipe supports. Roof pipe supports play a critical role in the overall performance and value of a property. These unassuming structures are the unsung heroes that help maintain the integrity of commercial roofing systems. In turn, they protect the substantial investment property owners have made.

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Topics: Commercial Roof Issues

How Roof Equipment Supports Improve Structural Integrity: A Comprehensive Analysis

Posted by Art Valentz on January 10, 2024

Roof equipment supports are the unsung heroes of commercial and industrial buildings. They silently uphold the structural integrity and performance of rooftop installations. In the world of architecture and construction, their significance cannot be overstated.

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The Science Behind Roof Pipe Supports & Load Distribution

Posted by Art Valentz on December 6, 2023

Roof pipe supports are precision-engineered components, strategically designed to shoulder the weight of pipes, ducts, and equipment while effectively distributing these loads. These supports form an essential link in creating secure and enduring roofing installations.

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