At PHP, we understand that every project is different. During your initial consultation, we will listen closely to develop a keen understanding of your project’s unique needs. Once we understand your needs and expectations, we will discuss how our products can be integrated and customized to address your specific requirements.

After the initial consultation, PHP will engineer and design your system directly into your AutoCAD files, meeting your project specifications. Each design is created according to local code and will address all rooftop support issues. The returned AutoCAD drawings will provide in-depth details and a schematic of your new support system. At this point we will provide estimated costs for the project.

Before products are manufactured, PHP’s designs are submitted for a PE stamp when required. Once submitted, an engineer will review the design specifications and give their professional approval. PE stamps certify that a design meets all local standards and regulations to reduce liability for architects, engineers, and building owners.

Once the design and PE stamp have been completed, PHP will manufacture the roof support systems to the specifications. To ensure optimal performance and sustainability, we manufacture all components using only the highest quality materials, including hot-dipped galvanized steel supports and high-density polypropylene bases with UV additives for protection against the elements.

Once products are shipped, PHP offers technical support as needed to oversee installation. This ensures that the integrity of your roofing system is preserved and the support systems perform as it is designed and engineered to do.