Rooftop Solar Panel Mounting Systems


Solar Mounting System

Product information

The PHP Solar Mounting System is designed to support a wide variety of rooftop solar and photovoltaic panels. The system can be used on virtually any industrial or commercial building with a flat roof or low slope roof. Supports for high and low profile installations are available.

PHP System/Design

Solar Panel Mounting System Installation

  1. Layout isolation pads (provided by contractor) according to the design and layout.
  2. Place bases on isolation pads.
  3. Insert legs of substructure frames into bases.
  4. Space out substructures according to the instructions.
  5. Attach horizontal and diagonal bracing to the substructures at designated locations.
  6. Make sure support panels are leveled vertically and horizontally.
  7. Check that the weight of panels is distributed evenly            throughout the system.
Solar Panel Support Image