From storms to extreme heat or severe cold, to high winds, your building’s roof supports have to endure a lot. But when your support systems are improperly designed, your roof could be in big trouble. Without the correct infrastructure in place your retail building could fall prey to issues like improper weight distribution, leaks, and even a voided roof warranty.

Rest assured that PHP has a solution to these critical problems. With expertly designed, manufactured, and installed retail roof supports, say goodbye to costly mistakes and unnecessary maintenance. Our “zero penetrations” systems eliminate the need for roof penetrations and flashings to mount supports, preserving the integrity of your roof. PHP rooftop support systems will out-last competitor products and out-perform industry standards.

Take a look at our past retail roof support projects and see for yourself the level of customization and durability we offer:

  • Roof Support System for Retail
  • Retail Roof Support Systems
  • Rooftop Support System for Retail
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  • Roof Support System for Stores
  • Roof Support System for shopping plazas
  • Shopping plaza Rooftop support systems
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