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America’s Leading Rooftop Support System Provider, PHP Systems/Design, Launches Solar Panel Mounting Systems

Posted by Art Valentz on September 22, 2016

Houston, Texas (September 2016) — PHP Systems/Design (PHP), designer and manufacturer of high-performance rooftop pipe and equipment support systems, has added a solar panel mounting system to their comprehensive line of rooftop support system products this Fall to meet market demands and further ongoing commitment to sustainable building practices.

According to data from the Solar Energy Industry Association, the cost of solar has dropped 73 percent since 2006,resulting in a rise in solar installations for facilities across the nation. Additionally, recent global climate agreements involving the US indicate an upward shift toward solar and other clean sources of energy for the entire nation.

“The solar panel mounting system is a product we previously offered as a custom order option for our customers. After receiving great feedback from previous orders and installations, we are proud to announce that the PHP Solar Panel Mounting System is now re-introduced as a widely and readily available product for any type of rooftop solar installation project,” said Art Valentz, Owner of PHP Sytems/Design.

The (PHP Solar Panel Mounting System) is designed to support a wide variety of solar panels. The system’s base is made out of injection molded high density/high impact polypropylene with UV-inhibitors and antioxidants with a carbon steel framing that is hot dip galvanized per ASTM A 123. PHP’s solar panel mounting system can be used on virtually any type of flat or low slope roof and ideal for commercial and industrial buildings. Seismic and High Wind applications are available for all solar support applications.

The PHP Solar Panel Mounting System is now featured on the PHP website at, Proper installation and storage specifications can be found here.

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About PHP Systems/Design

PHP is the original inventor of the “zero penetration” rooftop support system, which does not require penetrations or flashing to install. Additionally, they specialize in support systems capable of enduring severe weather conditions, including high winds and seismic activity. They will engineer and design from your existing plans or will custom design a rooftop support system from beginning to end to meet the unique specifications of each individual client. All PHP products come with a standard 5-year warranty.

To learn more about PHP or to schedule a free rooftop support evaluation, visit PHP online and submit a free evaluation request form or call PHP at 1-800-797-6585.