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PHP Systems/ Design Offers Free Rooftop Support Evaluations For All

Posted by Art Valentz on January 5, 2015

Houston, Texas (January 5, 2015) — PHP Systems/Design, an expert designer, manufacturer and installer of innovative, high-performance rooftop support systems, is pleased to offer free rooftop support evaluations to PHP and non- PHP customers. Free evaluations are available locally and nationally through their extensive network of qualified and experienced distributors.

Rooftop pipe and equipment supports that are outdated, improperly installed, or inadequately performing can lead to a number of problems, including damaged piping and equipment, penetrations to the rooftop surface, and leaks. As a result, building owners can fall victim to voided warranties and liability issues because the rooftop is no longer functional. PHP strives to prevent damages by providing all building owners with a free rooftop support evaluation to identify issues before they develop into larger problems.

“It makes no difference if the rooftop support systems are 25 or 5 years old,” “explained Art Valentz, Owner and CEO of PHP. PHP will do an evaluation to “determine what issues the system has, even for those who have never used PHP “engineered and designed products.”

Once a free rooftop support evaluation is completed, PHP will discuss any areas of concern with the building’s owner(s) or manager(s) and will provide options on how to remedy issues for a long-term resolution.

The company stresses that there are a number of reasons to take advantage of this professional-grade, free evaluation. A PHP assessment will identify problems in your rooftop support systems before they progress, preserve rooftop warranties, help protect existing equipment and piping, reduce risk of liability, and bolster a building’s rooftop safety profile.

About PHP Systems/Design

PHP is the original inventor of the zero penetration rooftop support system, which does not require penetrations or flashing to install. Additionally, they specialize in support systems capable of enduring severe weather conditions, including high winds and seismic activity. They will design from existing plans or custom design a rooftop support system from beginning to end to meet unique specifications of each individual client. All PHP products come with a standard 5-year warranty.

To learn more about PHP or schedule a free rooftop support evaluation, visit PHP online and submit a free evaluation request form or call PHP at 1-800-797-6585.

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