RB 18 with roller header
  • RB 18 gas pipe support
  • RB18 with roller pipe support
  • RB 18 gas pipe support for roof
  • RB 18 with roller gas pipe support

RB-18 with Roller

for gas lines 3″ to 5″ in diameter

Product information

The RB18 with Roller model is designed to support gas pipe up to 5 5/8” OD and not exceeding 12” in height above the roof surface.

PHP System/Design

RB-18 Installation

New Pipe
  1. Layout isolation pads, (provided by contractor), according to the design and layout.
  2. Layout RB18 with roller supports per spacing specification or PHP layout.
  3. Run pipe on roller.
  4. Adjust roller height so weight of system is evenly distributed.
Retro Fit
  1. Lift pipe enough to remove existing support.
  2. Clean area where new support is to be placed.
  3. Place ISO pad, provided by contractor.
  4. Put RB18 with roller support on pad.
  5. Lower pipe onto roller.
  6. Adjust roller height, so weight of system is evenly distributed.