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  • roof top ramp
  • ramp on the roof
  • ramp for the roof
  • rooftop ramp
  • lifted rooftop ramp


Product information

The PHP Ramp is to provide a safe means of access by crossing over any rooftop obstruction such as piping, ducting or equipment.

PHP System/Design

Ramp Installation

  1. Layout isolation pads according to footprint of ramp.
  2. Place bases on top of isolation pads.
  3. Insert legs of substructures into bases.
  4. Place grating for ramp landing on 1-5/8” Channel of each set of substructures.
  5. Attach grating to 1-3/4” B-B channel with hold-down clip.
  6. Set intermediate handrails on intermediate brackets and attach with 1” bolt and 1/2″ spring nut.
  7. Set top handrail on top brackets and attach with 1” bolt and 1/2” spring nut.
  8. Tighten all nuts, bolts and hold-downs.
Ramp Installation