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6 apps every engineer needs

Posted by Jason Fulton on September 22, 2016

Remember when your math teachers in grade school use to constantly tell you, "You have to memorize all these forumulas because once you graduate and get a job, you won't always have a calculator available"? Boy were they wrong! Beyond the simple calculator that's built into every phone these days, there are a multitude of smart phone apps on the market that can simplify any professional's day to day work life. So, if you're in the engineering field, check out the apps below, they could really make things easy for you!

 LuxCalc Fluid Prop 

LuxCalc Fluid Prop Engineering App

LuxCalc Fluid Prop is a mechanical engineering app that assists in calculating fluid thermochemical properties. The app was developed from the most commonly used engineering reference books, so you can rest easy knowing that this will be an apt replacement for those bulky heat transfer books. Thermophyscial property results include, Density, Specific Heat, Absolute Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Conductivity, and Prandtl Number. All of which can be used in a trend plot. LuxCalc is available for iPhone and Android for $0.99.

Engineering Unit Conversion

Engineering Unit Conversion Engineering AppAll the unit conversions you could ever need in one place with over 77 unique categories (dimensions) containing more than 700 units of measurement. Engineering Unit Conversion is a comprehensive unit conversion tool designed specifically with engineers, scientists, and students in mind. All you have to do is input a value that needs converting, select the type of unit you are converting from, and the app will display conversions to all the units within that dimension. This app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android for $1.99.

TurboViewer X

TurboViewer X Engineering AppTurboViewer X allows you to utilize multi-touch navigation to view TCW, DWG, PDF, PNG and JPEG files. Want to pull up a 3D CAD drawing? No problem! Use this app to pan, zoom, and orbit in a variety of visual styles including, wireframe, hidden line, and greyscale. One really cool feature is the “Always Facing Text” which will display text added via the markup tool to always be visible and readable no matter the viewpoint. Want to see the drawing free of markups? Just remove the markup layer for a clean look. TurboViewer is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer Engineering AppMechancial Engineer is the perfect app for any mechanical engineer or engineering student. There are currently over 300 formulas included, along with the ability to save your most used. What’s better, if they’re missing a formula you’d like to see, just email the developers and they’ll implement it on the next round of updates. Major areas currently covered in the program include: Actuators, Bearings, Belts, Boiler, Brakes, Clutches, Elevators, Gears, Fluid Power, Heat Transfer, Internal Combustion, Kinetic Energy, Metalworking, Plates, Plumbs, Power Plants, Refrigeration, Shafts Springs, and Vehicle Drive. This app is available on iPhone and iPad for $5.99.


Engineering Professional Engineering AppLooking for that all-inclusive reference app? Engineering Professional includes all the formulas from all of Multieducator’s individual apps; including, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, hydrology, and mechanical engineering (which we covered above). This app is available on iPhone and iPad for $11.99.




evernote.pngThis isn’t necessarily engineering specific but it is still a must have tool for any busy professional. Jot down notes, save pictures and links, create checklists, and search it all easily across your phone, tablet, and PC. Evernote is available on most platforms and has free and paid editions.




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