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Fall Protection Systems 101

Posted by Art Valentz on January 17, 2018


OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Standards, cites section 1926.501 as its most frequently cited violation of 2015.  In fact the essence of the standard requires a personal fall arrest system that has both adequate “strength and structural integrity” for construction workers who are exposed to vertical drops of 6 feet or more, to four feet in general industry, and to five feet in maritime scenarios and applies to all states in the USA, all US territories, and the District of Columbia.  ( 

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roof Architecture

Roofing Cover Boards: Overview

Posted by Art Valentz on January 3, 2018

It is understood by many in the know in the building industry that roofing cover boards can often be the unsung hero of a given roof assembly.  Though seemingly mundane and inexpensive, they are also highly effective and promote the durability and longevity of a roof.  In short, they are worth the investment.  Their added durability protects against damage from hail, fire, wind uplift, and other kinds of unfavorable weather, all at a very reasonable upfront cost.

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roof Architecture

Modular Construction - What You Need to Know

Posted by Art Valentz on December 7, 2017

Construction is a broad industry which encompasses many different types of building processes. Today, one of the growing construction categories is modular construction. Discover what modular development is, and some of the pros and cons, so you can determine if modularly constructed components may become part of your future growth.

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roof Architecture

The Resilient Future of Our Built World

Posted by Art Valentz on November 16, 2017

As climate change and the rapid evolution of the caliber and quantity of earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes continues to develop, governments around the world are quickly making plans to face the future environmental challenges ahead.  Many have all seen recent proof of what is to come.  In the US, according to such respected organizations as National Geographic, World Bank, the National Hurricane Center, and indeed including the recent groundbreaking research conducted at MIT, the increased warmer conditions of the ocean almost certainly elevated wind speeds of the recent Hurricane Harvey in Texas by 45 miles per hour in its last 24 hours before landfall, causing what has now been deemed “catastrophic” flooding.

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roof Architecture

All About Continuing Education Units for Architects and Engineers

Posted by Art Valentz on November 3, 2017

There are many different reasons to participate in continuing education activities if you are an Architect or Engineer. Of course the primary reason that most of us do it is that our licensure requires it. Being professionally licensed as an Architect or Engineer means you must obtain a certain number of hours of continuing education annually, from as little as 8 to as many as 30, depending on your state. Individuals must keep their own records of these efforts as they are done on good faith but open to the occasional audit.

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roof Architecture

7 Tips for Making Your Commercial Roof Stand the Test of Time

Posted by Marion McKnight on October 5, 2017

Roofing professionals will tell you that roof lifespans are typically based on averages. This is a function of location. But some materials will outperform others in any given place. The following guidelines are designed to help you make your roof perform to the very best of its potential, no matter where it may be.

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roofing Management, Roofing Maintenance, Roof Architecture, Construction

School Safety Report: Rooftop Support Systems

Posted by Art Valentz on August 2, 2017

When designing a school building, all safety and security measures must be taken into account in order to protect the lives and property of its occupants. In addition to limiting access to the campus through doors or gates, integrating security checkpoints into the flow of traffic and installing bollards where necessary, there are more recondite means of ensuring the integrity of the building and the safety of its users.

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roofing Management, Roof Safety, Roof Architecture

4 Reasons to Stop Using Wood for Rooftop Pipe & Equipment Supports

Posted by Art Valentz on April 19, 2017

If you do business out of a building that is relatively old, it likely has wooden supports to hold up pipes and equipment on the roof. This approach to commercial and industrial rooftops deserves some fresh thinking, since better solutions are now available.

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering, Roofing Maintenance, Roof Architecture

4 Best Practices For Rooftop Cable Trays

Posted by Jason Fulton on October 26, 2016

A lot of thought must go into choosing and installing cable trays in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the cables that run through them. Those systems ensure the effectiveness of the cables they protect, reduce wear and tear to rooftop installations, and help ensure safety for people, as well as, property.

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Topics: Installation Tips, Rooftop Support Engineering

6 apps every engineer needs

Posted by Jason Fulton on September 22, 2016

Remember when your math teachers in grade school use to constantly tell you, "You have to memorize all these forumulas because once you graduate and get a job, you won't always have a calculator available"? Boy were they wrong! Beyond the simple calculator that's built into every phone these days, there are a multitude of smart phone apps on the market that can simplify any professional's day to day work life. So, if you're in the engineering field, check out the apps below, they could really make things easy for you!

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Topics: Rooftop Support Engineering

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