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6 Apps Every Contractor Needs In Their Toolbox

Posted by Art Valentz on October 19, 2016

Mobile apps help make life and everyday tasks more convenient - there's no question about that. But apps are also increasingly assisting on-the-go professionals. That's right, tasks that were once only able to be accomplished at the office computer can now often be carried out remotely from anywhere. Specifically, contractors are one group of professionals that have largely benefited from this technology. As contractors are often on-the-go or at job sites, it's been traditionally difficult for them to stay in touch with the office and update project progress. That's not the case anymore thanks to mobile technology and an ever-increasing amount of apps that are available for download.

On that note, here's a look at 6 apps that every contractor should be sure to download:

Mobile Field ManagerMobile Field Manager

Created by Viewpoint Construction Software, this mobile app is purpose-built for the construction industry. Specifically, it allows construction workers to track things like time, labor and productivity. It integrates with the accounting software back in the office for seamless updating.

  • Availability: iOS and Android platforms
  • Devices: The mobile app is designed for both smartphones, tablets and the iPod Touch
  • Cost: Free, but requires an activation code that's provided by Viewpoint Construction Software

Construction Manager AppConstruction Manager App

Communication has a tendency to be an issue between construction workers and those back at the office, but the Construction Manager App aims to resolve any potential difficulties. The app helps create maintenance logs and daily reports, as well as the likes of project estimates and hour logs, so that the office and job site can stay in sync and so that communication between the two parties can become more convenient.

  • Availability: iOS and Android platforms
  • Devices: Smartphones, tablets and iPods
  • Cost: Free to download, with in-app purchases

SafeSite AppSafeSite

If your construction company puts an emphasis on safety, then SafeSite is an app you want to make sure you have installed. It allows contractors the ability to record and resolve safety issues from the field. It also allows for on-site safety analysis and OSHA, ISO, VPP and SHARP compliance help.

  • Availability: iOS and Android platforms
  • Devices: Smartphones and tablets
  • Cost: Free

Joist AppJoist

Joist is an app that's essential to quickly creating comprehensive estimates, thereby allowing contractors to capture more work. The app also allows the creation of invoices, enables payment tracking and helps contractors manage jobs even when they're away from the site. For contractors, earning jobs and getting paid is paramount - Joist helps with that.

  • Availability: iOS and Android platforms
  • Devices: Smartphones and tablets
  • Cost: Free

Photo Measures AppPhoto Measures

Created by Big Blue Pixel, this app is all about storing the measurements that matter to your job. Specifically, the app enables contractors to take photos and then add the dimensions right onto the photo. It's an easy, convenient way to track important construction info, without shuffling between notepads and sticky notes.

  • Availability: iOS and Android platforms
  • Devices: Smartphones, tablets and the iPod Touch
  • Cost: $6.99 (A Photo Measures Lite is also available for free download)

BuildCalc AppBuildCalc

BuildCalc calls itself an "advanced construction calculator." For instance, it's able to take the guesswork out of railing and staircase balusters or tell contractors how many posts, rails, pickets or panels you need just from knowing the fence row length. What's more is the app is more interactive than ever, as changes to the input values can be made and the app will adjust the results seamlessly and instantly. It can also be used with drywall and masonry work and roofing work.

  • Availability: iOS and Android platforms
  • Devices: Smartphones and tablets
  • Cost: $24.99

Topics: Roofing Maintenance

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