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Safety First: How PHP Equipment Supports Ensure Secure Rooftop Installations

Posted by Art Valentz on May 8, 2024

Safety is an indispensable facet when navigating rooftops. The intricate labyrinth of pipes, ducts, cables, and equipment spread across the commercial rooftops necessitate stalwart and unwavering support systems.

For instance, commercial HVAC systems and their ductwork are quite extensive. Therefore, it requires special consideration to ensure safety, compliance, and rooftop's endurance. This is where rooftop pipe support and equipment supports come into play.

PHP Systems/Design provides high-end pipe and equipment supports for your rooftops, designed with innovation and long-term sustainability in mind. We are a manufacturer of secure rooftop pipe and equipment support services that personify safety and performance as a harmonious duet.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how PHP equipment supports ensure better rooftop installations and better safety protocols on commercial and industrial rooftops.

Innovative Solutions Across a Range of Industries

Imagine a tapestry of grand proportions, where each strand intricately represents a distinct facet of industry. Picture architectural realms, industrious sectors, centers of education, spaces of healing, seats of governance, gateways to the skies, hubs of production, zones of leisure, centers of commerce, and arenas of natural forces.

Within this intricate fabric, PHP Systems/Design takes the role of a master weaver, crafting rooftop solutions that compose an innovative symphony resonating throughout the labyrinthine pathways of construction.

Whether it's the vigorous hum of office spaces or the ceaseless motion within industrial giants, PHP Systems/Design acts as a skilled conductor, attuned to the unique symphonies of each industry.

Blueprint of Precision: A Glimpse into the Process

PHP Systems/Designs understands that every rooftop and its requirements are different. Here is a concise bullet point list outlining the PHP Systems/Design project execution process:

  • Initial Consultation: Listen closely to understand project's unique needs.
  • Integration and Customization: Discuss how products can be tailored to address specific requirements.
  • Engineering and Design: Create system designs in AutoCAD files according to project specifications and local codes.
  • Comprehensive Details: AutoCAD drawings provide detailed insights and schematics of the support system.
  • Cost Estimation: Provide estimated project costs based on the design.
  • Professional Engineer (PE) Review: Submit designs for PE stamp, ensuring alignment with local standards and regulations.
  • Manufacturing: Fabricate support systems using high-quality materials like galvanized steel and polypropylene bases.
  • Technical Support: Offer assistance during installation to ensure system integrity and optimal performance.

At PHP, we recognize each project’s distinctive nature. Our journey commences with an initial consultation where we meticulously listen to your requirements, aiming to grasp a profound comprehension of your project's distinct prerequisites. After understanding your needs and expectations, we dive into the integration and customization of our products. This process is tailored to precisely align with your specific demands.

Following this preliminary interaction, PHP embarks on the engineering and design phase, directly integrating your system into AutoCAD files in strict adherence to your project specifications. Every design is meticulously crafted.

We work in accordance with local codes, comprehensively addressing all facets of rooftop support challenges. The resulting AutoCAD blueprints furnish comprehensive insights into your property. It also provides a detailed schematic of your novel support system, coupled with estimated project costs.

Prior to manufacturing, PHP's designs undergo rigorous scrutiny. This process involves a submission for a Professional Engineer (PE) stamp when necessitated. Expert engineers meticulously review the design specifications, providing their authoritative endorsement.

The PE stamp signifies that the design impeccably aligns with local standards and regulations. This, in turn, mitigates potential liabilities for architects, engineers, and building proprietors.

Once the design and PE stamp are seamlessly secured, PHP proceeds to fabricate roof support systems in strict accordance with the specified parameters. Our commitment to optimal performance and sustainability is mirrored in our meticulous selection of materials.

The production process exclusively employs premium constituents, including hot-dipped galvanized steel supports and high-density polypropylene bases fortified with UV additives. This provides robust protection against elemental forces.

Upon the dispatch of products, PHP extends the offer of technical support, ensuring a seamless oversight of the installation process. This pivotal phase guarantees the preservation of your roofing system's integrity. It also affirms that the support systems function precisely as designed and engineered.

Improved Equipment Supports: Balancing Strength & Adaptability

In the intricate interplay of safety and innovation, PHP Systems/Design introduces a well-coordinated system of pipe supports. Visualize the grace of a dancer, maintaining equilibrium on a precipice, or a conductor's baton defying the pull of gravity.

PHP's pipe supports, a product of engineering finesse, execute a carefully orchestrated routine of stability and adaptability. Marked by a refined design, these supports emerge without the need for rooftop penetrations. This is a testament to PHP's steadfast dedication to maintaining the structural integrity of rooftops.

The core strength of these supports lies in their exceptional adaptability. Envision a skilled musician adjusting musical notes to achieve perfect harmony. PHP's pipe supports replicate this harmonious movement, accommodating either single or multiple pipes of varying dimensions.

The inclusion of telescoping frames adds an element of sophistication, allowing for customizable heights that move with precision, perfectly synchronized with the symphony's rhythm.

Ducting Support: Safeguarding HVAC Systems

The rooftop, akin to an amphitheater, plays host to a bustling ballet of HVAC systems. Here, PHP Systems/Design adds another layer of safety through their ducting support systems.

You can think of it as a fortress, unwavering and vigilant, shielding HVAC ecosystems from the unpredictable elements found on rooftops. This stronghold is fortified with galvanized steel sinews and polypropylene bastions. This leads to a much longer life for HVAC systems and improved performance.

These elements are designed not only to improve HVAC stability but also the life of your rooftop. They ward off the intrusion of foot traffic, preserving the rooftop's protective membrane. It also protects against corrosion and drainage challenges.

PHP's unwavering commitment transcends mere engineering; it unfolds as a chronicle of rooftop preservation.

Rooftop Platform Systems: Elevating Functionality

PHP's expertise extends beyond individual components, resonating throughout a spectrum of rooftop necessities. PHP's team of skilled rooftop-systems engineers specializes in crafting a diverse array of roof platforms and support structures.

This comprehensive selection encompasses a variety of platforms, including those tailored for:

  • Access,
  • Equipment placement,
  • Performance, and
  • General utility.

These purpose-driven solutions cater to rooftop media installations, designated service entry points, AHU units, and compact chillers. Every platform within this collection is meticulously fashioned from hot-dipped galvanized steel, ensuring robustness and durability.

These platforms rest upon polypropylene bases fortified with UV additives, creating a shield of optimal protection against environmental elements. The marriage of these resilient materials forms the cornerstone of PHP's platform systems, guaranteeing dependability even in the face of challenging conditions.

PHP's commitment to customization shines through in their platform designs. Every platform is meticulously engineered to align with your unique specifications, transforming your rooftop into an efficient and accessible space.

Suitable for both flat and sloped roofs, with inclines of up to 2 in 12 slope, PHP's platforms offer a versatile solution for a wide range of architectural configurations. The installation of a PHP roof platform represents an investment in the longevity and structural soundness of your roofing system.

PHP's Overture to Rooftop Security

When it comes to precarious rooftop installations, safety isn't something to be taken lightly. Instead, it is the base premise that dictates the entire roofing system. PHP Systems/Design is a leading rooftop equipment support and pipe support provider in the industry. We engineer high-end, cost-effective solutions for pique safety and regulatory adherence.

PHP Systems/Design places safety as its guiding star. We are dedicated to creating solutions that not only help you improve performance, but also improve employee and customer confidence. If you’d like to learn more about our equipment supports or rooftop pipe solutions, get in touch with us today. You can request a pricing or a layout plan for your rooftop with just a phone call!

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