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What Can Solar Power Do for My Commercial Building?

Posted by Art Valentz on November 16, 2022

An article from the Yale School of the Environment published in 2020 revealed that just 3.5 percent of commercial buildings in the United States have solar panels installed, while an additional one percent of commercial buildings have solar panels off-site. Some buildings are not suitable for solar power, either because they are too small or just don't need enough electricity to make solar panel investment financially efficient. However, the report revealed that about 70 percent of commercial buildings in the United States would be eligible for solar panels.

These buildings would benefit from solar panels in a variety of ways. If your commercial structure is currently without solar panels, it's important to know what solar panels can do for commercial buildings. Solar panels can save your business money, contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment, and may even attract more customers who seek to support eco-friendly businesses. 

Benefits of Solar Power for Your Commercial Building

Solar panels for commercial buildings have come a long way in the last several years. Solar panels now provide more electricity to the buildings where they are installed and are more efficient. These improvements have made solar panels more beneficial than ever. 

Some benefits of solar power include: 

Reduced energy bills. Solar panels generate power that can supply your commercial building with electricity to run throughout the day. In some cases, your commercial building may even be able to sell electricity back to the grid, thus saving your business even more money. Ask your utility company if a program that allows your business to sell electricity back to the grid exists in your location. 

Insulation from electrical outages. With solar panels installed, your commercial building may be insulated from power outages and fluctuations.

Tax credits make solar panels more affordable. Solar panels have long been out of reach for homeowners and business owners on a budget. However, tax rebates make solar panels more affordable and a more realistic investment for business owners with commercial properties. 

Environmentally friendly investment. Some business owners prioritize sustainable, eco-friendly construction and sustainable business practices for their commercial enterprise. Solar panels are just one more way to make your business eco-friendly. Environmentally-friendly practices can help protect the environment in your community and attract customers or clients who prefer to support sustainable businesses. 

Disadvantages of Solar Power for Your Commercial Building

Need access to sunshine. Nearby buildings that cast your structure into shadow, as well as trees and electrical towers, can reduce the efficiency of your solar panels and thus reduce the effectiveness of your investment. Work with your solar panel installer to determine whether solar panels are a good investment for your building. Your solar panel installer can also help you choose a location where the panels should be placed for optimal performance. 

Maintenance. Solar panels need to be maintained by a qualified contractor to ensure that they keep functioning properly. This is especially true as your solar panels begin to age. Proper maintenance can prevent your solar panels from experiencing technical problems, and can also help prevent loss of efficiency.  

Require proper installation. Unless properly installed on your commercial roof, your solar panels could potentially do damage to your commercial structure. It's important to have your panels installed by an expert with experience, skill and training. 

How to Make Solar Work for Your Commercial Structure

It's important to do your research before investing in solar panels. Furthermore, it's also important to use the right equipment on your roof to keep your solar panels properly positioned and away from your rooftop's delicate membrane. PHP solar panel roof mount system can support many applications. Contact PHP Systems/Design to find out if our solar panel roof mount system can support your solar panel installation as well.  

Look To the Future With Solar Panels

Solar panels for commercial buildings can make your commercial structure a more environmentally-friendly building. Solar panels can also reduce your electricity costs - but it's important to ensure that your solar panels are properly supported. To learn more about the PHP solar panel roof mount system, call today for pricing.

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