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How Rooftop Supports Bring Efficiency to Roof Maintenance Management

Posted by Art Valentz on April 14, 2021

Regular maintenance is essential in preserving the condition of your commercial roof and ensuring its longevity — as well as helps building managers save money in the long run by avoiding needless and unexpected repairs. By utilizing rooftop support equipment, building managers are taking proactive steps to protect commercial roofing and making it easier for maintenance personnel to perform routine commercial roof maintenance.

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4 Proven Products for Commercial and Industrial Roofs

Posted by Art Valentz on March 24, 2021

Building managers must contend with various obstacles and elements that can wreak havoc on commercial rooftops and any equipment stored on them. Each aspect of the roof—from the membrane to the roof edge—requires regular maintenance and inspection. Without the right rooftop equipment, however, your workers will be unable to do their job without endangering themselves or the commercial roof that they’re trying to protect.

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2021 and Beyond: Increasing Demand for Sustainable Roof Products

Posted by Art Valentz on March 3, 2021

As we move into the future, the need to become more energy efficient becomes imperative for all companies. Whether renovating an existing building or designing a new one, building owners and managers must consider sustainability when designing rooftops and choosing rooftop equipment.

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Topics: Roof Architecture

The 4 Most Common Safety Risks With Rooftop Equipment

Posted by Art Valentz on February 10, 2021

Having equipment on the rooftop comes with a certain amount of risk that demands safety be considered. There are many factors to assess, such as equipment placement and layout, accessibility for maintenance and repair crews, how rooftop traffic will flow, and how this foot traffic may affect the integrity of the roof. We go over common risks with rooftop equipment and how building managers can mitigate this risk and create safer rooftop environments with proper rooftop support equipment.

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Topics: Roof Safety

The Cost of Doing Nothing: Why Rooftop Equipment Needs Planning

Posted by Art Valentz on January 20, 2021

While storing equipment on the rooftop is a simple way to save interior space, many facility managers fail to effectively plan the layout and functionality, leading to issues down the road. Your responsibility is to make informed design choices about the layout of roof equipment. Planning at the outset helps you create a layout that is more functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-efficient. Utilizing rooftop access systems will help you create a design that makes sense.

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Topics: Installation Tips, Roof Architecture

How Value Engineering Is Used in Rooftop Applications

Posted by Art Valentz on December 30, 2020

When the concept of value engineering first appeared in the 1940s, the aim was to promote value through careful analyzation of products and components. This is accomplished by improving performance either with a cost increase or by reducing cost without sacrificing performance. Over time, it was determined that value can only be created if functionality and durability are a top priority.

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Topics: Roofing Management, How to

Common Challenges & Threats with Rooftop Equipment

Posted by Art Valentz on December 9, 2020

When it comes to commercial and industrial facilities, building owners often choose to install equipment on the roof. This frees up interior space to be used for more productive means. However, rooftop equipment does carry risks and safety issues, as well as access and mobility threats. These challenges and threats can be eliminated using rooftop equipment supports and access methods allowing for safety and proper management of all rooftop areas and equipment.

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Topics: Roofing Management, How to

Why (and How) You Should Protect Your Roof Membrane

Posted by Art Valentz on November 18, 2020

Flat commercial roofs don’t have the ability to naturally drain rain, snow, and precipitation the way that sloped roofs do. Therefore, having a durable roof membrane is essential in protecting the building from leaks and other damage that can occur. Protecting this roof membrane should be a priority to ensure the continued longevity of your building’s comfort as well as its materials. How can facility managers protect the most important part of their roofs?

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Topics: Roofing Maintenance

The Application of Resiliency in Rooftop Support Products

Posted by Art Valentz on October 28, 2020

Investing in a rooftop support system can greatly improve the functionality and accessibility of your commercial rooftop. However, not all rooftop support systems are created equal. The ideal system will be able to support a resilient roof system, one that is built to be wind- and impact-resistant and protect against extreme weather events, environmental contamination, and man-made wear and tear. To ensure long-term success, all components of a rooftop must be built to endure, including rooftop support systems.

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Topics: Roofing Management

Smarter Solutions for Rooftop Safety

Posted by Art Valentz on October 7, 2020

Rooftop safety should always be an important consideration for any commercial building owner or manager. Safety measures are equally crucial for the protection of the roof and the people who access it. Not all rooftop safety plans are created equal, however. For maximum effectiveness, go the extra mile with your rooftop safety plan to ensure your efforts are met with success.

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Topics: Roof Safety

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